Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Fall 2019 Teen Oil Painting

 I introduced our class with a theme of "Medieval" but everyone was too excited to work on their own ideas so I did a demonstration and then let them loose!  I love seeing the creativity and enthusiasm of these oil painting students!

Castle Demonstration
First I started with a demo of a value study of my composition as the underpainting.

As I went along we talked about color properties and also how to work from a photograph.

Here's the finished painting.

Here's a look at the student's work during the 8 weeks of class. 
The Millpond, by Brooklyn, age 14

A Duck's Paradise, by Bridger, age 12

Palette Knife Forest, by Rori age 13

Red Panda, by Jane age 13

Abstract Flowers, by Rori age 13

Winter Forest Sunset, by Rori age 13

Rose Garden, by Skylar, age 17

Harry Potter Castle, by Hannah, age 16

Romania Scene, by Skylar age 17

Rainbow Pumpkin, by Vanessa, age 17

Windmill Farm, by Hannah, age 16

Fox Portrait, by Jane age 13

Parakeet Friends, by Bridger age 12

Happy New Year, by Vanessa, age 17

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