Teen Oil Painting Summer 2020

By Emily, age 11

“Aquarium Creatures!” 

Summer Oil Painting: ages 12 & up 
The Living Planet Aquarium Sketch Field Trip Cost & Date TBA 
Enhance your educational experience for these summer art classes by attending this field trip. 

Time: Tuesdays, 4:00-5:30 pm 

Cost: $14 each class or $112 for all 8

Existing students: no extra supply fee 

New students: $70 for supply kit includes paints, palette, brushes, and box

Curriculum: Choose your own Aquarium Creatures from the Sketch Field Trip or work on other compositions. Please bring your own photos and ideas to class.


  • o   June 2: Quick sketch Aquarium animals and paint trip bags
  • o   June 9: Aquarium Creatures or own compositions
  • o   June 16
  • o   June 23
  • o   July 7
  • o   July 14
  • o   July 21
  •      August 4

To complete your registration don't forget to Prepay using:

Cash or Check email for address: nicole@thecreativeartsstudio.com

Also Accepting:

Venmo  @Nicole Knight-34

Call 801-671-8715 for Credit Card payments

Questions: Please contact nicole@thecreativeartsstudio.com

By Nathan, age 16

By Myranda, age 15

By Broooklyn, age 14

By Bridger, age 11

By Rori, age 13

By Caislin, age 15

by Brooklyn age 13

by Skylar, age 16

by Cameron M. age 14

By Skylar, age 15

By Aubrey, age 16

By Dakota, age 14

By Emily, age 13

By Dakota, age 14
By Taylor, age 12

By Skylar, age 14

Fruit by Skylar, age 13

By Brooklyn, age 15

By Nathan, age 13

Peter Pan by Karlee, age 15

Musical Collage by Nathan, age 13
Lava Waterfall by Amber, age 15

Bee Eater Birds by Olivia, age 12 (District Art Contest Winner)
Doughnut Still Life-By Preston age 13
Repunzel by Bayleigh, age 12

Still Life- by Spencer age 15

Blue Flowers-by Alex age 13

By Bethany, age 14

Tree Frog by Spencer, age 15

Morning Light and Horses by Rachel, age 14 (won first place at CNJJH art contest 2012)

Rainbow Horse by Karlee, age 14

Elk by Hunter, age 12