Our Farm

I love my bunnies so much I had to paint a picture of them!

When we are not doing lots of art at The Creative Arts Studio, we are taking care of our 5 acre farm and all the animals that live here.
Erda, Utah....a little piece of Heaven!

Here's a look at our animals that we raise here:

Miniature Silky Fainting Goats
They are small, lovable, and lots of fun! These goats make great pets, eat the weeds and are registered and we breed for show quality.

Guinivere and Cleopatra

These brave boys delivered our buck twins, Moonbeam and Rocket!

What a cutie with a cutie!

Cleo thinks she is on top of the world!

Seconds after birth
Moonbeam stole my lunch!

Adorable, fluffy Lionhead Rex mix rabbits
So many bunnies get to be loved by the many art students that come to do art and play with the bunnies.  We are sure to have anywhere between 10 and 30 rabbits!

This little one was helping me do computer work!

So fluffy and cute!

Widget the rabbit thinks he is a cat!

Austrolorp Chickens  
These are our farm chickens that produce lots of eggs and occasionally some meat for us.  This year they produced about 8 dozen eggs a week. Farm fresh eggs are found here!

Silkie Chickens
These little guys are great pets and make good mothers to our baby austrolorps.  We have a variety of colors of roosters and hens.

                                             Farm Cats

We also have 6 curious cats, who love to be the center of attention!  Puss in Boots, Stripes, Tally, Tippy, Banjo and Kazooie add so much love to our farm!

Banjo loves to be in the art room and smothered by the bunnies!

Vegetable Gardening is also a favorite hobby.  
We grow all kinds of vegetables and herbs.  Sometimes we have plenty that we can give away a few too.

Lots to keep us busy for sure!  When you come by for an art lesson or art party, you'll have to visit the animals too!

Thanks for visiting The Creative Arts Studio and our little Farm in Erda!

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