NEW! Summer Session Art Classes

Summer Session #1: Monet inspired easel painting, boat and seascapes after artists Homer and Kadinsky, printing and stamping workshop, watercolor spray bottle art

Lesson 1: June 14-18
Lesson 2: June 21-25
Lesson 3: June 28-July 2
Lesson 4: July 5-8

Cost: $40 total or $10 per lesson
Due: June 1, 2010

Summer Session #2: Exploring 3-D art! Rubbish Robots, Architectural Letters, Incredible Edible Food Art, and Animal Masks

Lesson 1: July 12-16
Lesson 2: July 19-23
Lesson 3: July 26-29
Lesson 4: August 9-13

Cost: $40 total or $10 per lesson
Due: July 1, 2010

Please see my list of classes to the left for days of the week and times! (all lessons are subject to change)
Call or email me for registration!

Nicole Knight

The Creative Arts Studio
525 Wheatridge Rd.
Stansbury Park, Utah