Thanks for the Great Summer!

Art Classes were so fun with your kids this summer! This past month we have been learning about sculpture using all kinds of materials. First we talked about African Masks and made masks using paper, feathers, yarn, and rafia. Our next lesson we talked about creating robot sculptures using recycled materials such as aluminum cans, bolts, nuts, pop tops, etc. It really is amazing how every kid came up with a different concept for their sculpture. They are so creative! Next we used model magic to create Greek Pottery. The kids had a blast molding and squishing that fun stuff. If you see it in the store pick some up because it really is fun to play with. Made by Crayola. Our last lesson this week we are creating sculptures using yummy foods like marshmallows, pretzels, crackers, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup. We learned about artist Jim Victor who does sculptures out of all kinds of food all over the country. Look him up on the net and see his amazing creations! By teaching the kids these different mediums my goal is to open up their eyes to all kinds of art. When you try to create something yourself it helps you appreciate all different kinds of art. It also helps these kids to be creative and I am always amazed at how much talent they all have.

Thanks once again to all of you for enrolling your kids in my art classes!