Time Flies when you're drawing, painting and creating!

So, I am still in denial that fall is here and now it is October! We've had a great time this month learning some drawing concepts and art history. Just to tell you a little bit about this month we first started out drawing by shape- squares and rectangles. Our theme for learning how to draw this month has been "Medieval Fantasies." The kids learned that we can sketch with basic shapes and add details to draw a castle. They were all so good at following the steps and now that they have a little bit of the basics they can design their own castles at home.
Next we learned about Pablo Picasso, one of the most famous artists of the 1900"s. We took his concept of Cubism and applied it to our own Cubist musical collages. Our third lesson was another drawing lesson starting out with the basic shapes of circles and ovals. We learned about drawing people using body proportions and "circle person." I tease the kids that they are not ever allowed to draw a stick figure anymore because they can use cirlces! We turned our circle person into knights and fairy princesses. Our last lesson this month has been about mosaics. We glued and glued and glued some more to achieve our awesome looking bean mosaics!
Our teen classes have been working hard on oil paintings of landscapes, and still lifes, and Picasso collages painted with acrylics. Thanks so much for having your children come to my home to learn about art. I enjoy so much teaching them and seeing them every week!