October Art Fun: Dragons, Cezanne, & "Day of the Dead"!

I love the Holidays because there are so many fun art things that we can make and do! We started the month out by finishing up our Medieval drawing theme. We couldn't forget the dragons! We drew more fairies, knights and dragons and then added some paint and ink. The kids were able to apply what they had learned last month during our drawing sequence lessons and create some fun and scary creatures.

Our featured artist for the month was Paul Cezanne, an impressionist artist famous for his bold colors in his fruit still lifes and landscapes. We used chalk on black paper to draw our "fall harvest" still lifes. We ended out the month studying Mexico's and Latin America's holiday of "Dia de los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead" where they honor their dead and decorate with skeletons. We made skull masks and Model Magic skeletons with bright colors, sparkly sequins and glitter. Some of our other spooky art projects included spiders and Halloween resist drawings.

Teen Class Happenings (Mondays at 4:00):
The teen class has been working hard on their oil paintings. We are working on a flower still life with shades of blues, greens and whites. It is taking some time but they are turning out sooo beautiful.

Preteen Class (Mondays at 5:00)
These girls have just finished up some wonderful Picasso musical collages painted with acrylics. They had to design their own collages and choose their color themes. I look forward to seeing each painting in our spring art show! They are now working on drawing techniques themed around fairies. We are learning body proportions, and face proportions and will soon be learning how to paint with watercolors. Each one of the girls has such patience and attention to details. They are working so hard. These will be other pieces of artwork that will be great to frame for our art show.

Thanks again for a great month! Your patronage has allowed me to invest in some new art easels so we can do some large paintings this month. I hope the kids have told you about our warm and cool paintings they have been working on.