Carl Rungius style landscapes and wildlife in acrylics

In September the classes worked really hard on learning how to draw landscapes and wildlife. The older kids (ages 10-12 and 7th graders) also learned landscape design. They had to design their own paintings and choose the animal to go in it. The 7th grade boys are still working on their paintings. I wanted to post all of them but for some reason some of them kept coming out sideways.

Black Bear by McKenna, age 8
Red Fox by Keegan, age 10
Cougar by Hannah age 12
The age 8-10 year old class worked on a step by step landscape similar to one of Carl Rungius's paintings and then chose an animal to put in the foreground
Fox by Kate age 9
Ages 5-8 and the Mom and Me class worked on Owls, using circle shapes for printing, and egg cartons. They turned out so cute!
Owl by Abby age 6