Holiday Fun in Art Classes!

Snowmen Ornaments and Edible Snowmen!
My photos aren't that great but some of you may not have seen the edible snowmen because they got eaten up! We talked about cake artists that make art with food and then the kids ate to their hearts content!
The kids always look forward to December because we do lots of fun Christmas crafts. It's the only time I get a little craftier with the lessons since I like to stick to teaching more traditional art. It's my tradition to make a Christmas ornament each year. We sign and date them so the kids will remember when they made them and have a collection after a few years.

Christmas Puppets made by the Mom and Me class
I don't have a photo of our cute snowglobes we made but the kids had a great time drawing their mini sceneries with permanent markers and putting together the globes.
Some more of these great yarn paintings. Some of the kids spent a lot of time to get the yarn just right! Great job to Olivia N., Catie J. and Aubrey N.

Below: Chalk pastel snowmen by the 5-8 year old class. I love these!

Below: More Chalk pastels from the Holly Hebel lesson. They were supposed to use warm colors on one side and cool colors on the other side. These are all from the 5-8 year old class.