Chinese Silk Paintings

To celebrate Chinese New Year this year we learned about silk paintings and how to draw and paint Chinese fish. The kids did a beautiful job. Here are a few but to see the whole gallery please follow the link:

Hunter M. age 8
Abigail, age 7
Olivia N. age 9
January's Children's Masterpiece Workshop
I have an opportunity to teach some lessons this winter and spring for The Children's Masterpiece Workshop as a pilot program. The kids have done a great job and I am able to give the creators of this art program feedback for their lessons.
Please go to this link for more photos:
Drawing Lessons: Fairy Princesses/Superheroes and Flames/Flowers
Above: Abigail, age 7
Below: Emily, age 7
Above: Olivia C. age 9
Below: Joseph, age 8
Above: Joshua, age 9
Below: Trinity, age 8
Above: Preston, age 10
Below: Catie J., age 10