February Art: Starry Night Easel Paintings, Space Battles, Cats, and Yummy Food!

Our featured artist of February was Vincent van Gogh. We learned about his life, style of painting and his famous painting, "Starry Night". The kids spent 2 weeks painting on the big floor easels and learned how to mix shades and tints with their paints and how to layer.
Please link to my flickr account to see all of the children's artwork:
Above: Brookelle, age 10
Below: Hunter, age 8

Above: Averie, age 11
Below: Abigail, age 7

As part of our "Children's Masterpiece Workshop" pilot program this month, the kids learned how to draw their favorite, "Yummy Food" and paint with watercolors.
Above: by Kate S. age 10
Below: by Preston age 10
Below: Jace age 6

Above: Aubrey, age 7
We also had a lot of fun drawing "Cats on the Loose" and "Space Battles"
Above: Hannah, age 12
Below: Alyssa, age 8

Below: Tessa, age 6