June Art

Greek Frescoes

Frescoes are paintings on plaster walls that have been found all over the world.  We studied the frescoes painted by the ancient Greeks.  They had beautiful paintings of dolphins, olympians, queens and fancy patterned designs.  The kids painted all kinds of greek themed things such as vases, grapes, olympians, horses, warriors, swords, and parthenons. We also antiqued them to make them appear old.  You can see all of the kids' Fresco paintings at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicoleknightsart/sets/72157630521959968/

 By Sophia, age 6
 By Emily, age 7
By Ashley, age 12

Chalk Art Festival

We had a great time in lessons learning some tricks and techniques on how to create awesome chalk art.  We also learned about famous chalk artist, Julian Beever and his amazing 3D optical illusions.  You can read more about him on the Famous Artist page of my blog. Then the kids got to try it out on my driveway!  I hope to see all of them at the Stansbury Days Chalk Art contest! Here's a look at a few drawings but you can see all of them at this link:

 By Aubree, age 15
By Connor, age 10

By Hannah, age 12
By Kierra, age 8

Acrylics on Canvas: Sunsets

These colorful paintings taught the kids the effects of a sunset, and how to layer when painting with acrylics.  First they started with the background, then the trees and water and last the small details of the trees.  We also talked about water and how it reflects the sky, so the red, orange and yellow in the field is a small pond reflecting the sunset.  What happens to the land when the sun is going down?  It gets darker and the hills will sometimes look blue instead of brown. We also discussed how all sunsets can be different and to watch for pretty sunsets and think about how they would paint  them. Take a look at all of the kids paintings at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicoleknightsart/sets/72157630392338420/

 By Elise, age 7
By Hayden, age 9

By Alaynna, age 11

Under the Sea Drawings

Sunken ships, mermaids, octopus, buried treasure, submarines and fish were just some of the things the kids learned how to draw on our first summer lesson! The pre-K class also made sandy photo frames and fish drawings.  Not many kids brought back their finished drawings for me so the kids below get to be featured in this blog!

 By Joshua D, age 9
 By Preston, age 10
 By Hunter M, age 8

By Kendall, age 8


  1. For a 8 years old kid, this is really good attempt of painting, I am pretty sure that by the time pass, he will continue improving his work. Great post, thanks for sharing it


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