July and August Art

Jungle Animal Art
We used Crayola's Model Magic to create relief sculpture art based off of Jeannette Canyon's artwork in "Over in the Jungle." (See the Featured Artists page for more details).  Animals such as sloths, honey bears, pythons, ants, and blue poison dart frogs were made with the colorful clay and then glued down to foam paper sheets.  The kids loved this project and I think they turned out great! Here are a few samples but you can see all of the kid's work at this link:
 Parrot by Kierra, age 8
 Howler Monkeys by Connor, age 10
 Jumping Poison Dart frogs by the Pre-K class: Jaren, Kate, Calvin, Hobbes, Kailey and Tyler
Honey Bears by the Mom and Me class
Galactic Tiles
We used shiny paint on tiles to paint planets, exploding stars, nebulas and black holes.  Here's a few examples but you can check out the whole gallery at:
 By Bailey H., age 9
 By Kylee, age 7
 By Sophia, age 7
By Olivia C. age 10
Russian Art
For this project we learned about black lacquer boxes and how they are decorated with fairy tale stories, gold paint and tiny brushes.  We used metallic paint on black paper and painted Russian castles, firebirds, foxes, swirly clouds, horses and flying boats.  I was unable to get photos of all of the kids projects but you can check out more artwork at: 
 By Hayden, age 9
 by Kate S. age 10
By Sadie, age 15
Animal Masks
Our last week of Summer classes, we made animal masks with paint, feathers, sequins.  I hope the kids had a fun summer.  I know I did and I look forward to another year of Amazing Art Projects! 

 Funny Birds, by the Pre-K class
 Tiger and Horse by the 8-10 year olds
 More Zoo Animals by the 8-10 year olds
Birds, fish, and cats by the 6-8 year olds.