Coastal Creations

In this 6 week segment of art, I have used my trips to the Oregon Coast as inspiration to create our coastal themed projects.  I have emphasized to the kids that you can use your own experiences on family trips, photos you've taken and places you have been to help inspire your creativity. 

We started out with the colorwheel, because I think this is the most important art concept to learn for painting.  This year we tried printing the colors using Gyotaku starfish and other rubber fish.  It was a fun way to help reinforce colors.  Ages 10-13 learned how to lay out their paints for fine art watercolors.  And, what do ya know, they are in colorwheel order. 

As we continued through September and October, we also learned about texture, line, shape, form, and value and how they play a part in creating art.  Hope you enjoy taking a look at our projects from this fall.

Pastel Resist Lighthouses and the study of Edward Hopper by ages 6-10

Please see the Famous Artist tab above to learn more about Edward Hopper.

You can see the whole gallery at:
TCAS: Watercolor Lighthouses

By Belle, age 4

By Hayden, age 9
By Avery, age 9
By Aubrey, age 7

Fine Art Watercolor Lighthouses by ages 10-13

 By Cameron, age 12
 By Hannah, age 12
By Hunter, age 10

Lighthouses in Oils by the oil painting class, ages 12 and up

Taking a full 7 weeks to complete, these turned out beautiful but were definitely challenging for the students.  Way to go and a fabulous job, especially to those kids that were painting with oils for the first time!
 By Aubree, age 15
 By Bethany, age 13
By Saige, age 13

By Sarah, age 14 

3-D Sculptural Fish Markets

So, some of the parents might be wondering what this project was all about!  While I was in Oregon, I ate at a fish market/restaurant in Cannon Beach.  It had a great mural on the wall of people working at a fish market.  If you ever get a chance to visit Cannon Beach, you'll have to stop by and have some fresh clam chowder and fish and chips.  It's called, Ecola Seafoods Market and Restaurant. 
Here are some photos of the restaurant and mural:

Here's how the kids' art projects turned out.  Pretty awesome! 
You can check out all of the kids' work at the Flickr Gallery:
TCAS: Sculptural Fish Markets
By Kate, age 10 
 By Kendal, age 8
By Emily, age 7

Colorful Pencil Fish by ages 12-13

Using Prismacolors and watercolor pencils, the kids created some pretty amazing artwork of fish.
 By Averie, age 12
 By Cameron, age 13
 By Zachary, age 13

Faux Stained Glass by ages 6-10

Many shops on the Oregon Coast sell glassworks.  So we did a faux glass project that was a neat technique using tissue paper, watercolors and breaking my laminator!
You can check out all of the kids work at:
 By Hunter, age 9
 By Bayleigh, age 9
By Kierra, age 9

 Seahorses and Puffins by ages 3-5

Lots of fun projects this fall with the pre-K class! Here's a few with the book titles if you wish to get them for your kids.
 Storytime art about Seahorses was from the book: "Mister Seahorse" by Eric Carle
Storytime art about Puffins was from the book: "Nothing Like a Puffin" by Sue Soltis and Bob Kolar