Fall session #2: Famous Artists and Fascinating Cultures

Day of the Dead Skull Masks
Every year we learn about Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, the Mexican holiday that commemorates the life and death of their loved ones.  This year we learned about sugar skulls and we painted swirly flowers with bright colored acrylics on paper mache masks.  We also learned about symmetrical design, colors and motifs used by the Mexican people in their folk art.

Visit the Day of the Dead Masks Gallery for all of the kids artwork! 

 by Connor, age 10
 by Avery, age 9
 By Jane, age 6

Leonardo da Vinci Architecture and Invention Sketches
As we studied about the famous Leonardo we looked at pictures of his architecture and invention sketches which are amazing drawings of his scientific discoveries and genius mind at work. Our drawings let the kids learn how to draw in 2 point perspective and 3D shapes along with using their imaginations to come up with their own inventions.  Afterward we had fun making our drawings look old! 

Visit the Leonardo Sketches Gallery to see all of the kids' artwork! 
 By Abigail, age 7
 By Hayden, age 9
By Katherine, age 5
Mayflower Sailing Ships
To commemorate Thanksgiving this year, we learned about the pilgrims and their ocean crossing in the Mayflower and other similar ships.  Our sailing ship art project was created in 3 different ways.  This art project reinforced drawing and transfer techniques.
Ages 12 and up learned wood burning. 

Visit Mayflower Ships Gallery to see all of the student's artwork! 

 By Cameron, age 13
 By Zachary, age 13
Ages 10-12 drew ships, transferred them to wood and painted them with watercolors.
 By Kate S., age 10
 By Olivia N., age 10
 By Connor, age 10

Ages 6-10 drew ships and used a fun transfer process using oil pastels which resulted in colorful ships.  

 By Alyssa, age 8
 By Bayleigh, age 9
By Laila, age 6
Mary Cassatt Studies week #1: Learning how to draw the face
To introduce how to draw portraits as we studied Mary Cassatt, we learned how to draw the face.  The kids did really well with the correct placement of all of the facial features. Many of their drawings turned out to look like themselves.

Visit the Portrait gallery to see all of the students' artwork!

 By Preston, age 11
 By Aubrey, age 7
By Emily, age 7

Mary Cassatt Studies week #2: Baby Portraits
Our next project was challenging for the kids but I think they did an excellent job and the resulting art is so cute!  

Ages 10 and up free hand drew from their baby photos using what we learned the week before for facial feature placement.  Then they used colored pencil and chalk pastels for color. 
 By Averie, age 12
 By Olivia C., age 10

Ages 6-10 used tracing paper, transfer paper and then colored pencils and chalk pastels.  Although this was not free hand drawing for them,  it really helped to reinforce the placement, size and shapes of facial features.  
 By Abigail, age 7
 By Joshua, age 10
By Jordan, age 9

Contemporary Seashells in Oils
Our oil painting class worked on their own design and style of seashell paintings using real shells and their imaginations for the compositions. The results range from realistic styles to contemporary colors.  Great work!
 By Aubree, age 15
 By Bethany, age 13
 By Sadie, age 15
 By Saige, age 13

                                                                   By Sarah, age 14

Christmas Crafts: Santa's Clothesline and Puzzle Ornaments
Our Christmas craft art class turned out to be lots of fun as we made Santa's Clothesline to hang on the tree and puzzle ornaments to paint.  
 Santa's Clothesline Garland
Reindeer Puzzle Ornament