Spring Art Classes 2013

African Puppets
Our cultural lesson this session was about the African Pende people, a native group of  Zaire that wear very interesting costumes for their tribal dances.  These puppets took some time for the kids to make but they turned out really fun and individually unique.  Here are a few examples. Please check the Flickr Gallery at this link for all of the students' work.

 By: Artist Nicole age 10
 By: Artist Bayleigh age 10
 By: Artist Jaren age 3
By: Artist Connor age 11

Watercolor and Resist Aspens
This project used two different resist methods for Watercolors.  Age 8-12 used masking tape and ages 6-8 used white pastels for the tree shapes.  We also learned about sunlight and shadows and their effects on white objects like trees and snow.  I think the results were stunning!  I hope you do too.

View the whole gallery at: Flickr Gallery: TCAS: Watercolor Aspens

 By: Artist Abigail age 8
 By: Artist Jordan age 10
By: Artist Kate age 11

Mountains with Soaring Eagle Paintings
Painted on canvas with acrylics, this project helped the kids to learn painting techniques with different sized brushes and consistencies of paint.  

Check out the whole gallery atFlickr Gallery: TCAS: Mountains and Soaring Eagles

By: Artist Alyssa age 8
   By: Artist Preston age 11

Japanese Pagoda Prints
This was one of my favorite projects.  It was a multi step project that started with a drawing of a Japanese Pagoda inspired by some Silk Embroidered artwork that I picked up from a thrift store.  We then drew them in scratch foam paper, and printed them with black paint onto the paper.  Finally, the kids painted them with watercolors.  The original artwork I have is the same design 4 times in different seasons, so the kids chose what season they wanted their painting to be in.

By: Artist Olivia N. age 10
 By: Artist Hayden age 9
By: Artist Jace age 7

Colorful Kangaroos
Kangaroos just seem to be one of those animals that kids struggle with drawing so I did a fun lesson on how to draw themAges 10-12 then free hand drew them on scratch paper and ages 6-10 drew them on colored paper with chalk pastels. 

 By: Artist Abigail age 8
 By: Artist Emily age 8
  By: Olivia C. age 11

Fly Guy Drawings
This session I spotlighted the author/illustrator of the "Fly Guy" series and my favorite book, "Green Wilma, Frog in Space" by Tedd Arnold.  The kids drew their favorite or their own fly guy characters using Tedd Arnold's scribbling technique.  This was so much fun!  And even more fun to see the finished products.  I think we have a few illustrators on our hands!

View the awesome gallery at: Flickr Gallery: TCAS: Fly Guy drawings

 By: Artist Bayleigh age 10
 By: Artist Jane age 7
 By: Artist Averie age 13
 By: Artist Preston age 11

Abstract Shapes Oil Paintings
The oil painting class worked on creating their abstract painting using a shape and color theme.  We also learned about negative and positive space in our designs.  FYI: the background of this blog is my (Nicole's) abstract painting!  The girls really had fun with these!

 By: Artist Bethany age 13
 By: Artist Saidie age 15
By: Artist Saige age 13