Winter 2013 Art Classes

Chinese Dragon Sculptures
These amazing dragons were made from Crayola Air Dry Clay and then painted with Acrylics and sprayed with a clear coat.  This has got to be the best way to learn and celebrate Chinese New Year!  The kids did an awesome job.  Here are a few examples but you can check out the entire gallery of students' work at:

 By: Artist Averie K. age 13
 By: Artist Olivia C. age 11
 By: Artist Tessa age 7
By: Artist Hayden age 9

Acrylic Artic Animals
These paintings were done on large pieces of poster board using the floor easels.  The kids always enjoy our easel projects each year.  Each class painted a different Artic animal using shades and tints of blues.  This type of painting is a great way to teach the kids how to mix colors and brush application technique.  Great job my amazing artists!  Check out the gallery at:
 Snowshoe Hare By: Artist Noah, age 7
Polar Bear By: Artist Preston, age 11
 Artic Fox By: Artist Hunter age 9

India Ink Wolves 
Using a masking technique, dripping and splattering, the 12 & Up Mixed Media Class used India Ink to create these wonderful wolves.  They are so talented!
 By: Artist Averie age 13
 By: Artist Zachary age 13
 By: Artist Cameron age 13

Red Barns in the Snow, Oils
Our Oil Painting class created these wonderful barn paintings.  Each has it's own elements.  They look very cold and snowy yet peaceful. 
 By: Artist Bethany age 13
 By: Artist Saige age 13

   By: Artist Sadie age 15

Watercolor Barn with Aspen
12 & up Mixed Media class also learned some masking techniques for watercolors.  These turned out beautiful.
                                                                 By: Artist Zachary age 13

                                                                 By: Artist Cameron age 13

                                       By: Artist Averie age 13

Jackson Pollock Melted Crayon Paintings
These abstract paintings are one of the kids' favorite projects.  They just love to drip different colors of the melted crayon to make a composition. You can see all of the artwork here:

By: Artist Joshua age 9
By: Artist Jane age 7
 By: Artist Calvin age 9

By: Artist Aubrey age 8