Children's Fine Art Lessons Starting back up Winter of 2014!!

My new home and art studio are under construction at this time.  I'm getting so excited to start lessons again! I'm developing lots of new and creative lessons right now that I can't wait to teach.  If you know me or have children that have taken lessons from me before I will contact you by email or phone when registration is available.  If you would like to contact me I can also put you on a waiting list for class enrollment since I do cap it off at 8 students per class.  Thanks for your patience!  In the meantime you can check out my blog to see what The Creative Arts Studio created last year!!


Nicole Knight
The Creative Arts Studio
Erda, Utah
801-671-8715 (message me if you'd like!)

Some more progress made on the house and studio!  Slowly but surely we are getting there!

As of December:

You can see the outside entrance door there!  It looks like it's hanging in midair right now because there's no porch to it yet.  But there's also a window the kids can look out of to watch for their rides.

Sheetrock put on in the art studio in November!

Roof and windows put on in October.

Check out the progress made on the Art Studio as of week: September 3-6
 The beginning walls of the art studio!  Side entry door!
 Three great windows at the back of the room with a great mountain view!

The Art Studio is on the right side of the house with it's own entrance and will have a circular driveway for dropping off and picking up!