A Great Start to Art!

3-5 year olds: Giraffes

Painting, cutting, gluing and getting messy is fun to do when you are 4!  These Giraffes are adorable!

 Giraffe, by Claire age 3

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Beginning Oils: 3-D Lighted Ball

This lesson is a great way to introduce the kids to their colors on their pallettes and also painting the optical illusion of a 3 dimensional ball.  They all did a great job on their first oil paintings!
By Talia, age 13

By Olivia, age 11
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 Beginning Oils: Abstract Color Compositions

I love how these turned out!  Lots of color, shapes and great design by these oil painting students. 

 By Allison, age 11

 By Hunter, age 12

All of the abstracts together look Awesome!
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Dinosaur Easel Paintings

3 weeks painting on the floor easels and these Dinos turned out great!! The kids learned how to draw Dinosaurs step by step and then drawing them large on their paper. Then they worked with large easel brushes and they chose their own colors and background designs. To see the full gallery of Dinosaur paintings please click here: Dinosaur Paintings Gallery

 Velicoraptor, by Orrin, age 11

 Triceratops, by Emily, age 11

 Diplodocus, by Abigail, age 7

Styracasaurus, by Jace, age 8