Spring 2014 Art

Here's a look at our Spring classes. I had lots of fun teaching these great little artists.  Here are a few featured projects. Be sure to click on the gallery links to see all of their artwork.

Watercolor Windmills
All classes were able to learn about watercolor techniques such as lifting out, clean edges, paint control and using watercolor pencils or crayons.  Perspective and color composition were also themes in this lesson. Ages 10-12, used fine art watercolors.

By Maddy T., age 6

By Kendal, age 9
By Wyatt, age 13

Advanced Oils
Here are these beautiful paintings by these two great artists.

 Stormy Skies, by Karlee, age 14

Misty Waters, by Bethany, age 14

 Advanced Draw Charcoal Superheroes
The Advanced Draw ages 12 and up focuses mostly on drawing and then adding different mediums to their drawings. With this project, I taught the kids how to apply shading with charcoals.

Green Arrow, by Spencer, age 15

3-5 year olds 
Eric Carle Kangarooos
This class occasionally does a lesson called "StoryTime Art" where i read them a book and we do an art project with a similar idea or style from the book.  The kids used white oil pastels and watercolors.  They we glued the pieces together to create the Kangaroos with Joeys.

By Claire, age 4
 Tempera Windmills
This was a great exercise for the kids to learn how to paint in sections and specific places.  As they advance their fine motor skills and listening to instructions, this type of project is possible.
By Lola, age 5

Byron Barton Trains
Another StoryTime Art project, featured Byron Barton's "Trains" book.  Barton's simple shapes and bright colors lend to a great lesson for this age on shapes and colors.  They chose their colors for their trains and stamped and drew on the background.

By Benji, age 5

By Breccon, age 4

Comic Strip Characters
As part of our Artist Feature lesson we learned about Brian Crane, who is the artist for the comic strip: "Pickles." Then the kids played a drawing game using facial feature pieces to create their own characters.  They had lots of fun with this and it really helped to get the creative juices flowing. Here are a few snap shots of them drawing during the class.


Oil Painting Class: Animal Close-ups
The kids were challenged to paint an animal face on a 6x6 canvas as their first individual project.  These turned out great!

Cougar, by Hunter age 12

Toucan, by Allison, age 11
Wolf, by Kate age 12

Drawing Lesson: Fantasy Creature Portraits
This lesson focused on drawing faces of fairies, goblins, dragons and other fantasy creatures.  The kids also had fun making up their own creatures.  I only had a few that brought back their finished drawings.
 Wacky Monster, by Brookelle, age 12

  Winter Elf, by Emily B., age 11

Japanese Koinobori
Children's day in Japan is celebrated on May 5 by flying decorated fish windsocks. As part of our cultural art lesson we made paper Koinobori using oil pastels and paint in spray bottles.

 By Bayleigh, age 11

 By Caislyn, age 10

Below: by Luke, age 9