Summer Art is so much Fun!

Finally the last of the summer art is here!

Artist Trading Cards
This was a fun way to end out the summer art classes.  The kids had a blast with these artist trading cards!  They made one to trade with me to keep in the art room and a few more to take home or trade with each other in their art class.  Lots of fun that spurred some imagination and hopefully some creating at home!

 Watercolor Vegetables
So what would it look like under a vegetable growing in the garden anyway?  The kids did a great job on these fun vegetable watercolors.

By Ellanor, age 5

By Caislyn, age 11

By Evan age 4

By Brooklyn age 6

Pioneer Art
To celebrate Utah State Day or the 24th of July we learned about artist, Annie Henrie and her beautiful artwork about the women pioneer who could barely make it to Utah to settle.  Many women were widows and traveled alone hauling their handcarts or managing their covered wagons along the trail.  Many pioneer accounts tell of the feelings of angels helping them along the way when they thought that they could not go another step.  So we did a pastel resist drawing with watercolors of covered  wagons and angels floating above to keep them safe.  The younger kids drew an outdoor scene with covered wagons, horses, campfire and stars.

3-5 year olds art: Jaren, Gunner, Evan and Lola

By Ana, age 7

By Gracey, age 12

By Hadlee, age 7

Oil Painted Owls 

Snowy Owl by Emily age 11

Short Eared Owl by Olivia, age 12

Pygmy Owl by Spencer age 15

Great Horned Owl by Allison age 12

Long eared Owl by Teacher
Advanced Art Watercolor Phoenixs

By Zachary, age 15

By Cameron age 14
Teacher example
Cameron's really cool dragon too!

Artist Feature: Amy Ringholz and Utah Animals Lesson
These were really fun close ups of animals like bear, fox, wolf, rabbit, and owl.  Amy Ringholz is an amazing artist that paints very large, colorful, oil paintings with an urban art feel. You can take your kids on a field trip and check out her art at the Gallery Mar in Park City in person or see it online at her website, For our artwork we used India Ink (older classes), Crayola Slick Sticks, and the fun, new Crayola Marker Airbrush which the kids loved!

View the whole gallery at:  Flickr Album: Amy Ringholz Animals

Wolf by Brooklyn, age 6

 Owl by Connor, age 12
 Bear by Jane, age 8
 Bear by Caislyn, age 10
Fox by Evan, age 4

Geology Strata 3-D Art
For this project we talked about the earth's layers or strata that scientists study to determine age of dinosaurs etc. We used acrylics, rocks, shells, sand and art tools such as sponges and q-tips.  This was a great lesson that crossed over to science and we also learned a lot about textures and art design.

View the whole gallery at: Flickr Gallery: Geology Strata

 by Emily, age 8
 by Wyatt, age 13
 by Spencer, age 16
 by Gunner, age 4

by Ana, age 7

Arches National Park Oil Pastels
I've been wanting to do a project that featured Arches.  This one was really fun. The kids did a great job on these oil pastels.  It was a little intense and they had great patience. 

View the whole gallery at Flickr gallery: Pastel Arches

 by Alyssa, age 10
 by Hadley, age 6
 by Parlee, age 8
by Avery, age 8

Fantastic Faux Fossils
As we have discovered Utah through art we have come across a lot of science themed art!  Of course the kids loved this lessons because it has to do with dinosaurs!  But we also learned about sculpting shapes, using sculpting tools, and texture painting.

View the whole gallery at Flickr Gallery: Fantastic Faux Fossils

 by Cooper, age 6
 by Jace, age 8
 by Orrin, age 11
by Zachary, age 15

Acrylic Owls on Canvas
When I was studying for my degree in Biology (not art), my favorite class was ornithology, birds. And it seems like every kid loves owls too! Drawing, and painting techniques were discovered during this fun lesson. I love these!

View the whole gallery at Flickr gallery: Acrylic Owls

 by Gracie age 7, Gunner age 4, teacher example, Lola age 5,  Jaren age 5, and Evan age 4

 by Cameron age 14
 by Damon, age 6
 by Bianca, age 11
 by Daxton, age 8

by Zachary, age 15

Tree Frogs in Oils
The summer oil painting class has been hard at work for 4 weeks creating these beautiful tree frog paintings.  I'll just show all of them because they are so good!

 by Allison age 12
 by Emily B, age 11
 by Olivia, age 12
by Spencer, age 16