A look at January Art

 Chinese Dragon Sculptures
Happy Chinese New Year!  It's been a fun month in the Children's Art Lessons, learning about this holiday!  The kids did an amazing job sculpting their dragons out of Crayola Model Magic and then painting them with glittery, mettalic acrylics.

The 6-8 year old's class is amazing at doing a thorough job on their projects and adding lots of color!
A cute little dragon getting a coat of shiny paint!
By Tessa, age 6
 Watercolor Birds and Aspens
So what kind of birds live in Aspen trees in Utah during the winter?  These are Pine Grosbeaks and Stellar's Jays. The kids did a beautiful job with these watercolor and pen projects.
By Abby R, age 8

By Ashlynn, age 6

By Benji, age 5
By Caislyn, age 10

By Evelyn, age 11

Acrylics Class: Rainbow ZebrasWhat do you call a rainbow zebra?  A Zebow of course!  These are great!
By Spencer, age 16

By Bella, age 13

By Rebecca, age 11