Great pieces from Spring Art 2015

  5 year old Monster Trucks were fun 3D paintings using foam trucks, cotton, rocks and paint!

A favorite acrylic painting of the kids.....our rainbow zebras or Zebows!!  This one by Abby, age 8.

  by Cash, age 6
 By Nick, age 12

A fun way to draw portraits was to learn about famous Utah outlaws and then the kids created their own and painted them with watercolors.   Above is by Brinlee, age 9

By Jonah, age 8
By Taylor, age 11 

By Olivia, age 8

Some mixed up monsters were fun to "scratch out" on this special scratch art paper that has different rainbow or metallic colors underneath.  Above by Emily P, age 10

By Erin, age 12 

By Levi, age 9 

 By Madi, age 8
By Logan, age 12
Monster drawings by Evan, age 5 

  By Jaren, age 6
By Luke, age 6

Some great Aboriginal Art by Gunnar, age 5

By Leah, age 6
By Shae, age 8