Fall Children's Art

I love going back and looking at these kids' amazing art that was created here at the art studio!  I have a hard time keeping up with all of photos uploaded but I finally managed to get it done this time around. I'll share a little bit about what we have learned, feature a few of my favorites and give some links to all of the students' work.  Enjoy!

Medieval Art: Faux Stained Glass

We learned about Rose Windows in the famous stained glass windows of Notre Dame. Geometric and symmetrical designs were outlined with black glue then painted in with colorful watercolor paints! Flickr Gallery of Stained Glass Art

By Emree, age 6

By Jane, age 9

By Daniel, age 11

By Rachel, age 9

Medieval Art: Knight and Princess Drawings

The kids learned how to draw knights and princesses by using correct body proportions.  I teach this by using what I call "Circle Person".  I didn't get very many photos of these, but here are a few.

By Emmett, age 6

By Morgan, age 6

By Bria, age 6

By Sarah, age 7

 Medieval Art: Castle Paintings

A large part of my curriculum focuses on painting techniques, since that's what I specialize in.  The kids designed and painted their own castles after we looked at several pictures of European castles. Flickr Gallery of Castle Paintings

By Madi, age 8


By Caislyn, age 11

By Chase, age 9

By Emily P, age 11

By Franny, age 10

By Tessa, age 9

Castle Drawings: By 4 and 5 year old classes

By Sophie, age 11

 Medieval Art: Pumpkin Frescoes

For this lesson, we learned about Fresco artists such as Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel and Da Vinci and The Last Supper.  We spread and carved our plaster on canvas the first week, then painted layers on the next. Flickr Gallery of Pumpkin Frescoes

By Abby, age 8

By Adelaide, age 7

By Andrew, age 9

By Liza, age 10

By Jane, age 9

By Belle, age 6




  1. These are so many amazing and beautiful drawings. They are literally motivating me to paint and draw,but unfortunately i am not good at it.


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