Children's Art lessons: Winter 2016

Funky Art 
A mixture of fun, crazy art lessons inspired by Pop Art and funky themes! 

Jim Dine Heart Art
As requested by several students, we pulled out the melted crayons and splattered away on our Jim Dine inspired Heart Art.  Here's just a few of the creations made that day. Unfortunately I did not get names for these ones.

4-6 year old class: Noah, Arden, Nathan, and Benji

Thiebaud Pop Art Candy Paintings
Wayne Thiebaud is an artist from California that painted all kinds of goodies in the 1950's such as lollipops, gumballs, cakes, and pie.  We decided to paint the goodies that we love...candy!  We also learned about 3D shapes and painting with shades and tints. You can learn more about Wayne Thiebaud at

Ice Creams by 4-6 year olds: Noah, Arden, Nathan, and Benji

More Treats by Jaren, Jade and Madi

Yummy Candies by 6-8 year olds class

Lollipops by Brooklyn, age 8

Candy by Hudson, age 10

By Liza, age 10

By Madi, age 8

Coral Reef Sculpture
One of the things we learn in art lessons is that we can take ideas from just about anywhere to help us to be creative.  I like the bright colors, weird textures and funny shapes of coral that live in the ocean.  We used these ideas to create fun, brightly colored, coral reef sculptures out of Crayola Model Magic. And the kids learned several clay molding methods in the process such as using an armature, pinch pots, texturing, pinching, and rolling.

View the Coral Reef Sculpture Gallery Here

By Caislin, age 11

By FaithAnn, age 8

By Oliver, age 7

By Noah, age 4

Hundertwasser Watercolor Flowers and Cities

Friedensreich Hundertwasser was an Austrian artist that painted funky flowers and cities and then took his ideas and made whole towns out of them!  The kids had a great time designing some funky flowers of their own and imaginary, colorful cities!  We used an oil pastel resist method with watercolors.  Learn more about Hundertwasser at

By Brooklyn, age 12

By Emily, age 8

By Jade, age 6

By Laura, age 6


  1. Cuuute! I've always wanted to use melted crayons. Never got the chance, and then I got old. Maybe it's time to revisit my inner child.


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