Fall 2016 Art Classes

We've had some great projects and terrific artists in classes this fall!  Here's a look at what we've been busy creating!

Watercolor Houses
We all started out with the same drawing of a house and the kids got to decide if their house would be happy or spooky.  I challenged the 10-11 year old class with a much more detailed drawing and they did awesome!  I love their creativity!

You can view the complete gallery here:

By Oscar, age 8

By Bella, age 9

By Lucy, age 7

By Jade, age 7

By Sydney, age 10

By Jane, age 10

By Macey, age 10

By Lukas, age 5

By Levi, age 10

By Avery, age 10

By Tatium, age 11

By Ashlynn, age 9

By Syerra, age 6

Van Gogh Sunflower 3-D Project
Using Model Magic, we tried to emulate van Gogh's textured, swirly paintings in our project.

Teen Prismacolor Projects
So many different styles...from photo realistic tigers to smart owls!

By Jeremy, age 13

By Brooklyn, age 12

By Myranda, age 13

By Taylor, age 12

By Devin, age 12

By Abby, age 11

By Cambree, age 17

By Catie, age 14

Acrylic Fox Paintings
Oooh, these foxes turned out fabulous!
You can check out all of them at: 

By Ava, age 9
By Keirenne, age 9

By Bridger, age 8

By Jane, age 10

By Yonmi, age 9

By the 6-7 year old class!

                           So many CUTE Oil Pastel Owls! 
Using pastels on colored paper has endless possibilites! Besides great techniques for pastels, the kids also learned a lot of drawing skills such as drawing the owl the correct size on the paper, and how to create different feather textures. 

                                                   Here's a few of them.  You can check out all of the owls here:
                                                                Flickr Gallery Oil Pastel Owls 

By Haylee, age 7

By Tatium, age 11
By Kayla, age 11
By Jaren, age 7
Cute little owls from the 4-5 year old class!

Still Life Drawings and Paintings
It's always good to go back to the core of drawing and teach the kids how to draw from objects sitting on a table with light and shadow.  The younger kids learned how to compare relationships of objects and draw their shapes.  The Teens are quite accomplished artists and so we focused more on the shading and how to use different hardness levels of graphite pencils.  The oil painters did a monotone painting of a pumpkin to get them warmed up for their harder still life projects. 

By Abby B, age 10

By Devin, age 12

By Jeremy, age 13

By Abby R, age 11

By Catie, age 14

By Connor, age 14
By Nicole, instructor
By Dakota, age 14
By Bayleigh, age 13

By Skylar, age 14

By Nathan age 14


  1. All your art works are mind blowing and exceptional.You are extremely talented no doubt.Students will learn a lot from you.


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