Winter 2017 Art: What we've been creating!

Faux Glue Batik Pillows
All kinds of art is sold in South American markets including textile art such as blankets that are printed or woven.  We used our own method to create these wonderful, colorful batik pillows.
Amazon Parrots using Water Soluble Oil Pastel

Scarlet Macaws, and Blue and Gold Macaws

By Tatium, age 10

By Madi, age 9

Galapagos Islands Animal Art
The Galapagos Islands are home to some of the most fascinating and unusual creatures on the planet.  I was able to visit there and get some great photos, up close and personal for the art students to use in their art projects.  Here are some of their projects.
Lightening Crab by Ben, age 14 using India Ink and Illustration markers

Rainbow Land Iguana by Devin, age 12 using India Ink and Illustration marker

Black Crowned Night Heron by Connor, age 15 using India Ink and Illustration Markers

Land Tortoise by Karel, age 14 using India Ink and Illustration marker
Land Iguanas by Cannon, Cole and Marley, age 5 

Blue Footed Boobies by Cannon, Cole and Marley age 5

Land Tortoises by ages 8-9 using oil pastel and watercolor


  1. Funfilled activity! These pictures made your blog so colorful and lively. It took me to my elementary school era when we used to draw and paint without any worries.

  2. All your art works are mind blowing and exceptional.You are extremely talented no doubt.Students will learn a lot from you.


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