Summer 2017 Art was Amazing!!

Children's classes ages 4-12 curriculum was called "Art & Science Collide!"  We did all kinds of art that were science themed.  Some lessons were "Observe-Draw-Create" where the students observed different animals or science principles while creating the art.  Other projects were "Art Experiments" where we did an experiment in class first or the kids took home an experiment as part of their art project to try at home.  Here's a look at our projects:

Observe-Draw-Create Oil Pastel Butterflies


Observe-Draw-Create Watercolor Rabbits

Art Experiments with Paint & Color

Art Experiments Paint & Grow Terrariums

Art Experiments with Chalky Crystals

Observe-Draw-Create Seashell & Sea Creature Prints

Art Experiments with Volcano Paintings

Observe-Draw-Create Planet Tile Art


  1. I like the concept behind the activity of Observe -Draw-Create.It will definitely bring best out of these kids and they will learn alot through this educational activity.


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