Children's Fall 2017 Art Classes

Art By the Sea!
We painted, drew, sculpted all things having to do with the ocean. 

Watercolor Lighthouse Seascapes
We learned techniques on how to design an art composition and then techniques for painting with watercolors. Each child's Lighthouse Seascape is unique!

By Austyn, age 7

By Erik, age 10

By Mariah, age 8

By Elyssa, Keaton, Indy and Megan

Seashell Prints
This was a lesson about how to draw different types of seashells and using foam, brayers and ink for printing.

By Makenna, age 10

By Madalyn, age 8

By Ava, age 10

Giant Wave Paintings
A great lesson on mixing shades and tints of blues and greens. 

By Tessa, age 11

By Keaton, age 5

Model Magic Sea Turtles
Crayola Model Magic is soft, sticky and dries in 24 hours. Perfect for making and painting Sea Turtles.  These ones are even on an ocean and sand background.

By Ava, Tessa and Isabelle, ages 10, 11, and 9

Treasure Maps
Using Oil pastels and watercolors, we learned how to draw map things like a compass, landmarks, danger areas, and how to make paper look old.

Watercolor Marker Pirate Ships
These Pirate ships were a fun drawing lesson and techniques using markers and water or watercolor markers. 

Jaren, age 8

By Porter, age 10

By Elyssa, age 8

By Briella, age 7

By Boston, age 8