Fall 2017 Teen Classes

Art by the Sea!

The Teen classes did a fabulous job on these projects!

Teen Drawing Classes
Watercolor Pencil Lighthouse projects were actually just as much painting as drawing.  But the kids had to compose their own lighthouse seascape using photos and composition techniques.  
By Kayla, age 13

By Ben, age 14
By Jace, age 11

Giant Waves using India Ink
These turned out really fun and again we used not only drawing techniques but painting as well this time.
Click here to view Giant Wave Flickr Album

By Connor, age 15

By Ainslee, age 12

 Graphite Ships
Imaginary or real, these drawings turned out incredible.  The students learned a lot with this lesson about perspective and shading.

By Cameron, age 13
By Colin, age 14

By Ben, age 14

Teen Painting Class
This class painted using acrylics and watercolors.  

Colorful Seashells
Using photos and real shells as reference, the students learned composition, color mixing, and shading.
Click here to view Colorful Seashell Paintings

By Brekenzie, age 14

By Brooklyn, age 13

By Taylor, age 13

Watercolor Sailboats
Click Here to view Watercolor Sailboats & Fall Leaves

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By Cameron, age 13

By Kayla, age 13

Teen Oil Painting

Click here to view Oil Painting Flickr Album

By Skylar, age 15

By Dakota, age 15