Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Children's Art Classes: Spring 2018

So many fun projects were created this past Spring with these talented art students!  Here's a look at some creative, culturally inspired, and cat inspired projects!

Metallic Dragonflies
First we did some drawing of different angles of dragonflies using some photo reference.  Then the kids drew into this thicker guage aluminum with a pencil to "dent" it in.  Last, we used permanent markers to add color. Metallic Dragonflies Flickr Gallery

South American Alpacas
We learned how to draw an alpaca's face.  Then using watercolors the kids added their own colors and a background using oil pastels that looks like a South American textile pattern from the clothes and rugs that they make in countries such as Peru and Ecuador.  The 10-12 year old class learned how to draw the Alpaca's body and put them in the environment of the Ecuador Andes where the Cotapaxi volcano sits in the background. Lastly, watercolors were used to finish off the project with bright colors. Alpacas Flickr Gallery 

Cat Sculptures
This was a fun project, although took quite a bit of steps and time to accomplish.  I think it was well worth it to the kids because they all loved their cats in the end and they turned out so great!  First we started with some recyled objects such as water bottles, cardboard paper tubes, plastic grocery bags and lots of tape to hook it all together.  Then we painted gesso over the whole sculpture.  This gave the cats a paintable surface. Last the kids used acrylic paints to decorate their cats.  We used artist, Rosina Wachtmeister and her colorful cat art as inspiration.

Cats inspired by Rosina Wachtmeister

The kids worked on this project in between the steps of the cat sculptures.  We used oil pastel on black paper to draw cats in the style of Rosina.  A large sheet of poster board gave the kids plenty of space to create their own environment for the cats to live, either imaginary or real.  I think the kids really loved the freedom to create and paint their own ideas out.  Last, the cats were cut out and glued into place.  Check out Rosina's website to see her art.  I just love this ladies colorful and playful style! Rosina Wachtmeister

Rosina Cat paintings flickr gallery


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