Fall 2018


Crazy, strange, colorful, and unusual art! Here's a look at our Fall projects.

Kandinsky Designs
Kandinsky created art with music in mind so we listened to some classical and abstract types of music while we were creating our art.  We used line, shape, space and color for our artistic designs!

Funky Birds
Using real birds and our imaginations as inspiration the kids painted these mixed up, funky birds! 

Night and Day Pastel Art
Half Cool colors and half warm colors helped the kids learn some color theory and we also studied artist, Holly Hebel's pastel art for inspiration.

Native American Ledger Art
Back in the 1850's there was a movement of art drawn on old ledger paper by a group of Native American artists.  Then later, artist Michael Horse created similar art of war time scenes on map paper.  This was a fun project drawing and painting horses and warriors on maps.

Day of the Dead Skeleton Dogs
November 1 is the celebration of ancestors in Mexico!  So many types of folk art is made and sold during the Day of the Dead.  I came across someone who makes skeleton dogs wearing sombreros so we used that art as our idea to make these cute little sculptures.