Summer 2018 classes

"Ancient Adventures"

After a great field trip at the Utah Natural History Museum for inspiration and to sketch, the art kids created some great art through out the summer. Here's a look at a few of the projects we did together.

Fossil Drawings 
Ages 4-12 classes drew plant and fish fossils with colorful oil pastels and used watercolors to add some dirt color.

Advanced 10-12 and Teen Drawing classes did some detailed graphite drawings of fish fossils.  They turned out amazing!

Pictograph Slabs
Ages 4-12 worked on a fun project painting pictographs onto slabs of plaster and learning about the ancient artwork of the Native Americans. 

Utah Habitat Books
These cool tunnel books turned out so neat.  It's kind of hard to capture the layers with a camera but the background is the habitat, middle is an large mammal and foreground layer is a small mammal or bird. The frame has drawn plants and insects. We studied 6 different types of habitats. 

Anasazi Decorated Pottery

After seeing and sketching all the designs that were on the pottery at the museum, we created some of our own using Crayola Model Magic. 

Wood Burned Dinosaurs

Advanced 10-12 year old class and the Teen classes created some fantastic wood burned projects of dinosaur bones and silhouettes. 

Acrylic Dinosaur Paintings

The kids had fun painting their own dinosaurs and choosing colors and habitats for them.  I love the variety of color and style these paintings have! 

Bee Block Prints
We drew bees onto foam then printed them using some ink onto our printed honeycomb.  I think they turned out pretty cool!