Winter and Spring Sessions 2019

Exploring Art Mediums Class
ages 6-11

We've worked on some different types of art this year using several different mediums.  My goal is to always introduce new ways of being creative while still focusing on technique and improving the students' skills.  We're never bored here at art class!  So much art to do and so little time!

Here's a look at our projects:

Winter Deer Monoprints: this was a tricky method I had never tried before but the kids did really well being patient with painting on the wax paper and then printing it over to their paper.  Drawing, painting and printing were involved in this project!
First, we learned how to draw a deer with a few trees
It took lots of patience to paint a little bit at a time on the wax paper or else it would dry before they got the chance to print it.
Paint on the wax paper is then printed onto the black paper.

The finished art!

Take a look at the Flickr album!

Penguin Paintings:  Each age group used a different composition for the penguin acrylic projects.  I loved how these turned out!  And the kids loved it too. Penguins are awesome!

 Ages 6-8 painted Penguin Portraits.  Look at those personalities!

Ages 8-10 Painted Penguin families in their environment. 

Ages 10-12 learned some color theory and composition with their penguins! All so original!

Cut Paper Collage Dogs:  It was fun to do a project a little out of the ordinary with this one.  The kids loved the mess of cutting, tearing and gluing paper.  Check out artist, Laura Yager who inspired us to make these  fun pieces of art!

Hot Air Balloons:  Some of the classes used black dyed glue to outline their balloon shapes while the younger kids used oil pastels before adding on their bright watercolors.  I've been wanting to do a Hot Air Balloon project for some time now and I love how these turned out!

Nazca Line Sand Paintings: This project was a great way to teach line drawing and using new mediums and methods.  And I got to show off my photos of the Nazca Lines that I visited back in September!

Here I am getting ready to get on the "Vomit Comet" to see the Nazca Lines down in Peru. 

Not sure if you can see it but there is one on top of this plateau!

Butterfly Watercolor Paintings: We worked on drawing and painting technique.  These all turned out so colorful and different!

Picasso Musical Instrument Paintings: I absolutely loved this project!  Another way to get the kids thinking about color composition and simplifying their design.  We also learned about Pablo Picasso!

Model Magic Bunny Bowls:  The kids love working with this soft, light weight and squishy Model Magic!  This was a fun project for spring!