Monday, September 16, 2019

Teen Drawing Classes 2019

Prismacolor Character Art
A fun way to teach prismacolor pencils is to have the students work on their favorite characters from movies, comics, cartoons and video games.  They loved it and I think they turned out great!

By Taitum, age 13

By Jaren, age 10

By Audrey, age 12

By Matheena, age 16

By Skylar, age 13

By Josh, age 14

By Jace, age 13

India Ink Dreamscaping Class
This class taught how to use India inks with different techniques such as resist methods, alcohol, salt, dropping in colors, and layering.  These colorful "Space scapes" turned out creative and vibrant.

By Taitum, age 13

By Sophie, age 14

By Brooklyn, age 13

By Skylar, age 13

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