Summer 2019 Art

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Jaren & Bridger ready to sketch!

"Zoo Artist"
The Children's Art classes this past summer were AWESOME!  We learned how to quick sketch animals that would be at the Hogle Zoo, and  made bags with fabric markers and paints for our sketching materials.  Then we went to the Utah Hogle Zoo to draw as many animals as we could.  I really feel that having kids practice drawing what they see in the world around them changes their perspective of how they see everything!  It's such good experience!  I encourage parents to always have a sketchbook available for their kids to draw in....the car, on road trips, at church etc.

Each child got to create their own bag to take to the Zoo

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Bridger sketching the Polar Bears

Pastel Indian Elephants
This project involved learning how to draw an elephant from basic shapes with a white chalk pastel on the black paper.  Then we decorated the elephants with oil pastels in the style they use in India for their ceremonies and parades.

Watercolor Giraffes
Giraffes seem to be a favorite Zoo animal so the kids were excited to learn how to draw and paint them during classes.  Some students chose realistic colors and others chose a variety of colors.

Silly Monkey Portraits
We worked with Crayola model Magic for thise 3D relief project and then painted them with acrylics.

Zebra Acrylic Paintings
These paintings turned out so colorful and fun.  The kids got to choose design their colors for their zebras.

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Lion & Tiger Prints
A favorite technique of my art classroom is using foam scratchboard to draw an image, then we use ink and brayers for printing.

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