Saturday, November 30, 2019

Fall 2019: "Medieval Art"

 A look at our projects that we created this past fall for the Children's classes.  This is ages 5-12.

Knight Drawings
The kids learned how to draw "circle person" so we could focus on body proportions.  Then we used armour to complete our drawings.  Then the kids traced them in sharpie.  Some classes had time to color as well.  I love these!
By Keenan, age 10

By Grace, age 11

By Nathan, age 6

By Eve, age 6

Watercolor Castles
Remember those "Choose your own adventure" novels?  Well, that's a little bit like how I teach art.  The kids follow along with me for half the class to get instruction on shapes, relationships, perspective, paitning techniques etc.  Then they get to add their own ideas and creativity.  That's what makes these so great!

3 Dimensional Dragons
The art students always love to work with Crayola Model Magic.  It's my favorite way to create 3-D projects for kids and it's so versatile!  

Stained Glass Windows
We learned about designing in a simple way using organic shapes or geometric shapes and creating pretend lead lines to make it look more like a stained glass window.  Painting on acrylic sheets is a fun and safe way to resemble glass.

See All of the projects HERE

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