Fall 2019: Teen Paint

This class is a great introduction to painting techniques for acrylics and watercolors.  We explore different techniques such as wet in wet, brush work. mixing colors, layering and detail. We did 2 acrylic projects and 3 watercolor projects during the 6 week class.

Fall Aspens-Acrylic
This was a great project to discover color mixing, wet in wet, and layering techniques.

Magical Trees-Acrylic
Painting techniques were reinforced and then the kids learned about trees and designed their own.

Watercolor Color Wheels
This was a great project to introduce the watercolor palette to the students and learn warm and cool colors.

Watercolor Ornaments
Techniques such as salt, wet in wet, water control and detail work were learned in this project.

Watercolor Owl Portraits
More use of watercolor techniques for this project.  I love how they all turned out!