Watercolor Workshops

For adults and ages 14 and up

Most classes include supplies but you have the option to buy a "Kit" from Nicole for $90.
Includes 14 Grumbacher Watercolor paints, 4 brushes, palette, paint box. Optional: Gatorfoam Board for mounting is $13.
You keep your supplies and paint at home! OR BRING YOUR OWN SUPPLIES!

Printable Watercolor Supply List

Classes start at $35 each
Each class will be approximately 2-3 hours, step by step instructions, include practice exercises, instruction for drawing and painting the project. 
  •  Contact Nicole to book private watercolor workshops:

Watercolor Gallery

"Pink Poppies"

"Harvest Wreath"

"Harvest Wreath-style #2"
"Bicycle Planter"

"Monarch Butterflies"

"Sunset at the Marsh"

"Moonlight Shadows"

Fall Harvest Truck

Koy Fish Pond
Country Time Bouquet
Mountain Mist


Romance in the Rain

Snowflake Stag

"Bamboo Forest"
"Hummingbird and Coneflowers"

"Pinecones 2"
"Pinecones 1"
"Warm Winter's Cabin"

"Pathway through the Fall Leaves"
Monet's Boats

"White Farmhouse"

"Dandelion Seeds"
"Three Peppers"
"Milk Can & Poppies"

"Lilies" Intro class


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