Private Art Lessons

Nature Sketching Groups


Fun and educational for all ages of adults and children


This nature sketch group typically goes for 6 weeks but can be shorter or longer. 6 paying students are required for a class. Typically, we set up a date and time that works for all participants per week. Every other week is a field trip to drive to the location where we draw. Studio time is 1 hour and Field Trip time is typically 2 hours or sometimes more. I only charge for the one hour. Some extra fees for field trips may apply depending on the location that is decided. For example if we go to the Tracy Aviary the cost for admission will be on top of the class fee. Each student will recieve a notebook and pencil. I am your sketching/nature guide for all field trips. 

Here's a typical curriculum:

Week 1: In studio we learn how to quick draw birds. (1 hour) cost: $12 per student

Week 2: Field trip to Great Salt Lake to sketch birds or to Tracy Aviary (2 hours) cost: $12 per student plus admission fees

Week 3: In studio we learn how to draw butterflies. (1 hour) cost: $12 per student

Week 4: Field trip to Davenport Canyon or to Butterfly Biome. cost: $12 per student plus admission fees

Week 5: In studio we learn how to draw rabbits. (1 hour) cost: $12 per student

Week 6: Field Trip to Settlement Canyon to learn and draw Landscape composition. (2 hours) cost: $12 per student

Other possibilites for field trips: Hogle Zoo, Aquarium, Silver Lake, Thanksgiving Point. 

Please contact Nicole to schedule your group!


Contact Nicole to arrange an art consultation appointment at 801-671-8715



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