Teen Art Summer 2020

By Taylor, age 12

 “Aquarium Creatures!” 
  Teen Art: ages 12 & up 
The Teen Art class will have a variety of projects that include sculpture, drawing, and painting using different mediums. Come create some fantastic art inspired by the animals at the Living Planet Aquarium.   

8 creative art lessons using drawing, painting, printing and sculpture methods based on animals seen at The Living Planet Aquarium. 

**Register for individual classes or the whole session**

The Living Planet Aquarium Sketch Field trip Cost & Date TBA Enhance your child’s educational experience for these summer art classes by attending this field trip. 
  **Children under age 10 must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian.  

Class Times: 1:00-2:00 pm 
2:30-3:30 pm FULL

Cost: Summer Session $104 or $13 per class   

By Spencer, age 15


June 2: Quick sketch Aquarium Creatures and trip bags: learn how to quick sketch animals to be prepared for our field trip to the Aquarium. Paint your drawstring bag to take on the field trip or use for the summer classes. Includes sketch book for the summer.

June 9: Aquarium Creature Drawings: Pick your creature and draw using Prismacolor Pencil on Illustration board.

June 16: Watercolor Seahorses: Drawing and watercolor painting techniques will be taught for this lesson on how to draw & paint Seahorses.

June 23: Coral Reef Sculptures: Using Crayola model magic and wires we will make a coral reef sculpture.

July 7: Poison Dart Frogs: A drawing lesson using watercolor pencils and lots of colors for these cool frogs.

July 14: Starfish Prints: We will be using 2 methods of printing. One will be using special rubbery starfish and paint and another using scratch foam, ink, and brayers.

July 21: Wood Burned Sea Creatures: Pick your creature and wood burn it on a plank of wood.

August 4: Pen & Ink Creature Drawings: We’ll draw our creature’s contour lines then fill the inside with the environment they live in.

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Here are a few examples of art we have done in the past:
By Connor, age 14

By Brooklyn, age 12

By Taylor, age 12

By Cameron M., age 13

By Kayla, age 13

Batman meets Van Gogh by Dakota, age 16

Prismacolor Chinese Dragon by Cameron M., age 13

India Ink by Myranda, age 13
India Ink and Illustration marker by Cameron K, age 17
Watercolor Pencil, By Colin, age 14 
By Cameron, age 13
By Trevor, age 14

Acrylics, By BreKenzie, age 14

Watercolor Pencil, By Ben, age 14

Watercolors, By Brooklyn, age 13

Graphite, By Ben, age 14

India Inks, By Kayla, age 13

Acrylics, By Taylor, age 13

Graphite, By Jace, age 11

Graphite, By Cameron, age 13

India, inks, By Ainslee, age 12

Colored pencil, by Ben, age 13

Wood Burning by Cameron, age 16

Plaster Abstract, by Connor, age 13

Prismacolor pencil, Preston, age 14

Wood Burned Gear Abstract by Nathan, age 13

Scratch Art Animals

Prismacolor and Watercolor pencil Fish

Charcoal Superheroes

Acrylic Owl-by Cameron age 14

Acrylic Owl-by Zachary age 15

India Ink Dragon Rider by Cameron, age 15

Motorcycle by Cameron, age 13 using ink and watercolors


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