Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Art Show on April 9, 2011!

I'm so excited to host another spring art show this year for the student's of The Creative Art Studio! This year I want the kids to display as many pieces as they would like from this past year's classes (2010-2011). There is no limit on pieces of artwork they can submit! Please just make sure the art pieces are sturdy enough to stand on an easel, and also labeled on the back somewhere their name and age so I can make labels. The art show will be at the Stansbury Park Clubhouse on Saturday, April 9 at 7:00 pm with our presentation at 7:30-8:00. Please feel free to invite as many friends and family members as you would like. Hope to see you all there!

Just a bit from Winter Art Classes

Encaustic Painting by Cameron, age 11
Encaustics is painting with melted wax. We used melted crayons and decorators wax to create our abstract, textural paintings. So fun!

Monster by Jace, age 5
In February, our Artists we showcased were Maurice Sendak and Eric Carle. Both are Illistrator/Authors. It was fun to let the kids see that illistrators are artists too. The Preschool class did Monster drawings and paper cut collages using texture painted papers. The other classes did scratch art using thier own monster designs.

Caterpillar paper cut collage by Jace, age 5

Flower Encaustics by Nicole (teacher example)

Fairy by Saige, age 11
My pre-teen class on Mondays has been working hard and completed their Fairy art projects in January. I think the girls learned a lot a long the way such as how to draw people using realistic body proportions, how to draw faces, several watercolor techniques and how to use watercolor pencils. All of the girls' artwork turned out so beautiful. I look forward to seeing them all mounted and displayed at the Spring Art Show!