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Fall Advanced Art Class

Advance d Art class is for students 12 and up who would like to learn more advanced skills in  drawing, and painting with a variety of mediums.  This past fall we worked on a wood burning project, 3 Point Perspective drawings, and a little bit of watercolors.  Here is a look at some of their work.

Wood Burned Gear Abstracts
This was a really fun projects to do with these kids.  They did an amazing job with their compositions using old gears as our theme.

By Cameron, age 15
By Amber, age 14

By Connor, age 12

By Nathan, age 13

By Spencer, age 15
 3 Point Perspective Buildings
This was a challenging project but once we got used to it, the kids got faster and faster at it.  They also used these for the Glow in the Dark show on black paper with UV paint.  They turned out really cool.
By Amber, age 14

By Nathan, age 13

By Preston, age 13

By Spencer, age 15
 Halloween silhouettes using Watercolor and India Ink
A fun, quick project for our last day of class.  The kids are so creative!

By Amber, age 14

By Nathan, age 13

by Preston, age 13

By Spencer, age 15

Fall Oil Painting Classes

Here's a look at these talented kids' amazing oil paintings!

(More student work coming soon in the Flickr Gallery)

 Oils I Class
Animal Close-ups: Howling Wolf by Amber, age 14

Animal close-ups: Parakeet, by Averie, age 13

Animal Close-ups: by Wyatt, age 13

White Flower Still Life, by Alex age 13

White Flower Still Life, by Brooklyn, age 13

Oils II Class

Landscape with Horses, by Karlee, age 14

Playing games, eating donuts still life, by Preston, age 13

Pumpkin still life by Spencer, age 15

Maisaurus Dinosaur, by Spencer, age 15

4 and 5 Year olds were busy creating this past Fall!

This group of students are full of energy and creativity so we usually end up doing quite a few more pieces of art in their class!  Here's a look at a few of their projects.

Wiggly Fall Trees

Printed Turtles

Jaren in art action, printing, painting, gluing his turtle.

Painting Pumpkins on Foil.  Love these faces!

Noodle Skeletons...oooohhh!

Block monsters...pumpkins, ghosts, bats and ZOMBIES!!

Hand printed Owls with a spooky sky

Fall 2014 Children's Art Lessons

Fall Lessons for ages 3-12 was terrific with lots of fabulous art created!  Here's a look at what we learned and some of the art from those lessons.

All student's work in the Flickr Galleries coming soon!

 Lots of fun Halloween Printing
The students learned how to draw some Halloween characters, then carved them into foam.  Next we rolled on the paint and printed them!  This is an easy technique you can do with your kids using foam plates, paint and mini ,spongy paint rollers. Use metallic paint, and different colored papers.

Fun Pumpkins!

Happy cat and pumpkin

Witches and Frankenstiens

Special Art for the "Glow in the Dark" Art Show

This was such a fun project. The students were able to design their own artwork using chalk pastels.  Then they added special UV glowing paint.  When the Black lights were on, boy did they glow! 
By William, age 9
By Audrey, age 12

by Bella, age 6

By Claire, age 5

By Lauren, age 8

By Nathan, age 14

Artist Feature and Acrylics/Tempera Paintings
We learned about Pablo Picasso and his fractured, puzzle like style.  We studied about color composition and how to make shades and tints.  All paintings were done using the floor easels and easel brushes.
By Emily, age 9

By Jace, age 8

By Lola, age 5

By Chases, age 8

Cultural Art
Our cultural art lesson was about Middle Eastern designs that are used in tile, tin and artwork.  We used aluminum, permanent markers, tools for embossing and jewels to create symmetrical patterns and designs.  Design using these principles was a little challenging for the kids.
By Jane, age 8

By Eira, age 7

By Shae, age 7
Watercolors and Color Theory
Ages 10-12 learned about warm and cool colors and how to paint watercolors from a palette to create these beautiful Fall Tree Reflections.
By Caislyn, age 11

By Kendal, age 10

First we learned about colors and the color wheel  by painting watercolor chameleons. Ages 6-8 made a color wheel that turned underneath so the chameleon could change colors! 
By Ashlynn, age 6

By Maddy, age 6

 Ages 8-10 painted their chameleons with the color wheel colors.  Great Job everyone!

By Ellie, age 8

By Carson, age 7