Thursday, February 9, 2012

Older Classes: Oil Painting Farmhouse and India Ink Abstract

Farmhouse at Sunset
The Oil Painting class, ages 12 and up have done a beautiful job on thier Farmhouse at Sunset paintings. Great job to Saige age 12 (above) and Bethany age 12 (below).
India Ink Special Effects!
Boys class ages 7th grade have been learning how to use India Inks for a big project. This month we experimented with washes, salt, dropping in colors and blowing ink with a straw. Next, we will apply these special effects to our bigger project.

Teacher Example
Cameron age 12
Spencer age 13
Zachary age 12

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chinese Silk Paintings

To celebrate Chinese New Year this year we learned about silk paintings and how to draw and paint Chinese fish. The kids did a beautiful job. Here are a few but to see the whole gallery please follow the link:

Hunter M. age 8
Abigail, age 7
Olivia N. age 9
January's Children's Masterpiece Workshop
I have an opportunity to teach some lessons this winter and spring for The Children's Masterpiece Workshop as a pilot program. The kids have done a great job and I am able to give the creators of this art program feedback for their lessons.
Please go to this link for more photos:
Drawing Lessons: Fairy Princesses/Superheroes and Flames/Flowers
Above: Abigail, age 7
Below: Emily, age 7
Above: Olivia C. age 9
Below: Joseph, age 8
Above: Joshua, age 9
Below: Trinity, age 8
Above: Preston, age 10
Below: Catie J., age 10