Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Fall 2019 Teen Oil Painting

 I introduced our class with a theme of "Medieval" but everyone was too excited to work on their own ideas so I did a demonstration and then let them loose!  I love seeing the creativity and enthusiasm of these oil painting students!

Castle Demonstration
First I started with a demo of a value study of my composition as the underpainting.

As I went along we talked about color properties and also how to work from a photograph.

Here's the finished painting.

Here's a look at the student's work during the 8 weeks of class. 
The Millpond, by Brooklyn, age 14

A Duck's Paradise, by Bridger, age 12

Palette Knife Forest, by Rori age 13

Red Panda, by Jane age 13

Abstract Flowers, by Rori age 13

Winter Forest Sunset, by Rori age 13

Rose Garden, by Skylar, age 17

Harry Potter Castle, by Hannah, age 16

Romania Scene, by Skylar age 17

Rainbow Pumpkin, by Vanessa, age 17

Windmill Farm, by Hannah, age 16

Fox Portrait, by Jane age 13

Parakeet Friends, by Bridger age 12

Happy New Year, by Vanessa, age 17

Fall 2019: Teen Paint

This class is a great introduction to painting techniques for acrylics and watercolors.  We explore different techniques such as wet in wet, brush work. mixing colors, layering and detail. We did 2 acrylic projects and 3 watercolor projects during the 6 week class.

Fall Aspens-Acrylic
This was a great project to discover color mixing, wet in wet, and layering techniques.

Magical Trees-Acrylic
Painting techniques were reinforced and then the kids learned about trees and designed their own.

Watercolor Color Wheels
This was a great project to introduce the watercolor palette to the students and learn warm and cool colors.

Watercolor Ornaments
Techniques such as salt, wet in wet, water control and detail work were learned in this project.

Watercolor Owl Portraits
More use of watercolor techniques for this project.  I love how they all turned out!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Fall 2019: Teen Draw

The Teen Draw class focused on a Medieval theme this past fall.  We did three projects in the 6 week class.   Here's a look at each one and a few of the concepts the kids worked on.

"Corvin's Castle" in Graphite pencil
This castle was quite complicated. It is found in Romania and I was able to get some great photographs of it while I visited there back in May.  We discovered that drawing from a photograph is not always great because of weird skewing and 3 point perspective that happens when you take pictures of architecture. So we had to flatten out the parts of the castle that were skewed and learn about 3 D shapes that the castle is made up of.  After a contour line drawing then we started adding shading, concentrating on 3 or 4 values and keeping the shading consistent.  We could of spent another 2 weeks on this project but the kids were ready to move on after a few sessions! Very intense work for this age group!  They did a great job.

"Knights in pen"
First we drew "circle person" to learn how to draw a person with the correct proportions.  Then the kids were able to design their own knights armour.  Finally some of the kids chose to use pen to finish off those fun details.

"Dragon Scratch Art"
We went over some great techniques for drawing dragons such as legs, arms, muscles, wings etc.  If you want a terrific book on this, check out: "Dragonart Evolution, How to Draw Everything Dragon" by J Peffer. The kids at this point were ready to create their own styles of dragons.