Monday, November 8, 2010

October Art Fun: Dragons, Cezanne, & "Day of the Dead"!

I love the Holidays because there are so many fun art things that we can make and do! We started the month out by finishing up our Medieval drawing theme. We couldn't forget the dragons! We drew more fairies, knights and dragons and then added some paint and ink. The kids were able to apply what they had learned last month during our drawing sequence lessons and create some fun and scary creatures.

Our featured artist for the month was Paul Cezanne, an impressionist artist famous for his bold colors in his fruit still lifes and landscapes. We used chalk on black paper to draw our "fall harvest" still lifes. We ended out the month studying Mexico's and Latin America's holiday of "Dia de los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead" where they honor their dead and decorate with skeletons. We made skull masks and Model Magic skeletons with bright colors, sparkly sequins and glitter. Some of our other spooky art projects included spiders and Halloween resist drawings.

Teen Class Happenings (Mondays at 4:00):
The teen class has been working hard on their oil paintings. We are working on a flower still life with shades of blues, greens and whites. It is taking some time but they are turning out sooo beautiful.

Preteen Class (Mondays at 5:00)
These girls have just finished up some wonderful Picasso musical collages painted with acrylics. They had to design their own collages and choose their color themes. I look forward to seeing each painting in our spring art show! They are now working on drawing techniques themed around fairies. We are learning body proportions, and face proportions and will soon be learning how to paint with watercolors. Each one of the girls has such patience and attention to details. They are working so hard. These will be other pieces of artwork that will be great to frame for our art show.

Thanks again for a great month! Your patronage has allowed me to invest in some new art easels so we can do some large paintings this month. I hope the kids have told you about our warm and cool paintings they have been working on.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Flies when you're drawing, painting and creating!

So, I am still in denial that fall is here and now it is October! We've had a great time this month learning some drawing concepts and art history. Just to tell you a little bit about this month we first started out drawing by shape- squares and rectangles. Our theme for learning how to draw this month has been "Medieval Fantasies." The kids learned that we can sketch with basic shapes and add details to draw a castle. They were all so good at following the steps and now that they have a little bit of the basics they can design their own castles at home.
Next we learned about Pablo Picasso, one of the most famous artists of the 1900"s. We took his concept of Cubism and applied it to our own Cubist musical collages. Our third lesson was another drawing lesson starting out with the basic shapes of circles and ovals. We learned about drawing people using body proportions and "circle person." I tease the kids that they are not ever allowed to draw a stick figure anymore because they can use cirlces! We turned our circle person into knights and fairy princesses. Our last lesson this month has been about mosaics. We glued and glued and glued some more to achieve our awesome looking bean mosaics!
Our teen classes have been working hard on oil paintings of landscapes, and still lifes, and Picasso collages painted with acrylics. Thanks so much for having your children come to my home to learn about art. I enjoy so much teaching them and seeing them every week!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thanks for the Great Summer!

Art Classes were so fun with your kids this summer! This past month we have been learning about sculpture using all kinds of materials. First we talked about African Masks and made masks using paper, feathers, yarn, and rafia. Our next lesson we talked about creating robot sculptures using recycled materials such as aluminum cans, bolts, nuts, pop tops, etc. It really is amazing how every kid came up with a different concept for their sculpture. They are so creative! Next we used model magic to create Greek Pottery. The kids had a blast molding and squishing that fun stuff. If you see it in the store pick some up because it really is fun to play with. Made by Crayola. Our last lesson this week we are creating sculptures using yummy foods like marshmallows, pretzels, crackers, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup. We learned about artist Jim Victor who does sculptures out of all kinds of food all over the country. Look him up on the net and see his amazing creations! By teaching the kids these different mediums my goal is to open up their eyes to all kinds of art. When you try to create something yourself it helps you appreciate all different kinds of art. It also helps these kids to be creative and I am always amazed at how much talent they all have.

Thanks once again to all of you for enrolling your kids in my art classes!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Homer Watercolors, Sand Paintings and More!

We've had a lot of fun the last few weeks! I can't believe how fast it has flown by and all of a sudden our summer art classes are half way done! Last week we learned about famous American Artist Winslow Homer who was known for his seascapes and boat paintings. The kids all did a great job as I taught them step by step how to paint with watercolors. The younger kids had a lot of patience and followed directions so well! This week we discussed the use of simple lines as we designed our sand paintings. Using colored sand and glue they carefully applied it the small canvas to complete their designs.
I'm excited for the next 4 weeks. We will be making African Masks, Rubbish Robots, Incredible Edible Food art and making scuptures with model magic. I am collecting items to use for our Rubbish Robots. These are recycled items that many of you may have at home. If you have any of these items lying around at home your donation would greatly be appreciated. Here is the list of some things I am looking for but it is not limited to:

tin cans (clean and no sharp edges)
juice can tops
pop cans
canning lids and rings (can be used)
any other metal doodads that are not sharp or too greasy

Hope to see all of the kids there!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Classes Have Started!

We had a great week in The Creative Arts Studio as we started our first week's lessons for the summer. The Teen class worked on the 3-dimensional letter project. We were able to get the first step done be creating an "armiture" out of bathroom cups and chipboard for our sculptures. Ask your kids in that class if they remember what an armiture is! The new "Mom and Me" class had a great time reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and then doing leaf printing, fuzzy caterpillars and coffee filter butterflies. I had such a great time in that class! The 4 year olds all the way up through the 11 year olds had a lesson on Claude Monet where we created a "mini Monet" on canvas using oil pastels and oil. They also got to paint their very own mini easels. All of the projects are drying this week and should be ready for the kids to take home next class time. I had so much fun teaching about Monet, one of my favorite famous artists! Thanks for enrolling in summer classes. All of your kids have such talent, are so well behaved and a lot of fun to be around! Check out my Flickr account to see photos of the art show and kids working in the studio. The address is:

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Thanks so much for all of you who attended the art show last night! I was very happy with the turn out and besides a few things that got forgotten it went very well. The kids' artwork looked so good and they were all so cute coming up to get their flowers! Thanks once again for allowing me to teach your children.

This week I will be sending home Summer registration forms if you are interested in continuing lessons for the summer and also a calendar that will have all of the dates and times for the different classes. Money for the first summer session will be due by June 1 so that I can get enough supplies ordered. I will have more students for the summer classes and I don't want to leave anyone out!

Hope to see all of these wonderful artists through the summer!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Now Introducing! Mom and Me Class

Little ones come and explore art with your Mom, Dad, Grandma or other special adult. For Ages 18 months- 3 years old. Exposing your young child to the visual arts reinforces color and shape recognition, will strengthen and develop motor skills, and introduces art concepts and history. It's also a great one on one time to spend with your child. What a great summer activity to do together!

Classes will be given once a week for 45-60 minutes.
Dates and times will be determined according to class size but I would like to start a session the week of June 14.
Cost: $35 per session

Session 1: Children's Literature and Art

Story time and art projects will be from our book list:
1. "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle
2. "The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister Herbert
3. "Scoot" by Cathryn Falwell
4. "Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You?" by Dr. Seuss

Contact me by June 1, 2010 if you are interested.

Nicole Knight

NEW! Summer Session Art Classes

Summer Session #1: Monet inspired easel painting, boat and seascapes after artists Homer and Kadinsky, printing and stamping workshop, watercolor spray bottle art

Lesson 1: June 14-18
Lesson 2: June 21-25
Lesson 3: June 28-July 2
Lesson 4: July 5-8

Cost: $40 total or $10 per lesson
Due: June 1, 2010

Summer Session #2: Exploring 3-D art! Rubbish Robots, Architectural Letters, Incredible Edible Food Art, and Animal Masks

Lesson 1: July 12-16
Lesson 2: July 19-23
Lesson 3: July 26-29
Lesson 4: August 9-13

Cost: $40 total or $10 per lesson
Due: July 1, 2010

Please see my list of classes to the left for days of the week and times! (all lessons are subject to change)
Call or email me for registration!

Nicole Knight

The Creative Arts Studio
525 Wheatridge Rd.
Stansbury Park, Utah

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Student's Art Show 2009-2010

Our first ever art show will be held on May 21, 2010 at the Stansbury Park Clubhouse, 7:00 pm to 8:30. Awards presentation will be given at 7:30 with refreshments to follow. Anyone is welcome to come see the artwork that we have been working on for the past year and a half.

Parents and Students: please submit your 3 works of art to me by May 14 for our show. All artwork must be matted, framed or sturdy enough to stand up on an easel with the child's name and age on the back. We will also have projects on display that we have been working on for the past few months.

I NEED EASELS! If you have any easels that I can borrow for our show please bring them by May 14 with your name on them and they will be returned after the show. Thanks!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Creative Arts Studio

Children's Art Classes 2010

May through August

Students will discover the visual arts through basic art principles such as line, shape, color, and texture. Children will develop their motor skills by drawing, cutting, glueing, painting, printing, sculpture and more. Famous artists and cultures are also introduced to the children to give them an early exposure to the arts from history and cultures around the world. An introduction to all kinds of mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, tempera, charcoal, inks, oil and chalk pastels give the children an opportunity to be creative in ways that they might not otherwise be exposed to. Come have fun with us while we explore the many creative avenues of art.

The teen class is project based in order to learn drawing, and painting skills and techniques. Some of the mediums we work in are oils, acrylics, watercolor, prismacolor pencil, and inks. This year we have been learning beginning watercolor techniques for still life, and landscapes. We have also been learning how to draw figures in action (for extreme sports) and applying india ink effects. This spring and summer we will be painting landscapes and seascapes in oils.

All class sizes are limited to 6-8 students. Private individual lessons and Parent/child or Grandparent/child lessons are also available. Lessons are ongoing throughout the year and taken month to month.

Please contact me to enroll.
Nicole Knight