Wednesday, March 25, 2015

5 year old Artists

  Painting rainbow zebras on the large floor easels is so fun!
"Don't Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus" Watercolor Pigeons

 Painting cowboys!!

Acrylics Class

Seashell paintings
These were fun, colorful and each student's work turned out unique. 
 By Bella, age 13
 By Rebecca, age 11

 By Shelly, adult
By Spencer, age 16
Other work from the Acrylics Teen/Adult class:
 Green Dragon, by Bella, age 13
 Barn Owl, by Rebecca, age 11
Guarding the Gold, by Spencer, age 16
Zebow, by Shelly, adult

Teen Classes: Winter session 2015

Oils I: Musical Abstract Paintings 
What does it look like to paint Music?  These are some great, colorful Musical Abstract paintings done by the Oils I class.  This project is a terrific study of paint mixing, and shape and color composition.
By Brooklyn, age 14
By Nathan, age 13

By Dakota, age 12

Oils I: Red Barn in the Snow
Well, we didn't have much snow this year but we imagined that we did in these cold, wintery scenes.

 By Brooklyn, age 14

By Dakota, age 12

 By Nathan, age 13

Oils II: Movie Star Portraits
We had a wide range of favorite characters for our Movie Star themed oil paintings!

 "The Joker", By Amber, age 14

 "Grumpy Cat", by Bayleigh, age 12

 "Peter Pan", by Karlee, age 15

 "Cadnis" by Emily, age 11

Anime Character, by Preston, age 13

Advanced Art: Zentangled Ink Projects
Splashes of watery ink and salt for the background were fun to create for the zentangled sea creatures!

By Amber, age 14

By Preston, age 13


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fun Art in February!!

 Children's classes: Rosina Cat Art
Cats, cats, cats!!  This was such a fun project!  We first started out drawing our cats using oil pastels on black paper, emulating the style of artist Rosina Wachtmeister from Austria

Then we painted on black posterboard with bright tempera paints.  The kids got to choose whether they wanted a fantasy land outside or inside.
Here are some of the finished artwork:
By Lizzy, age 8

By Chase, age 9

By McKenzie, age 6

By Courtney, age 9

By Saira, age 7

Check out Rosina's Cat art at her fun website to learn more about her!!

Rosina's Website

Click here to view all of the art on the Flickr Gallery

Arcimboldi Fruit and Veggie Faces
Guisseppe Arcimboldi lived during the Renaissance and created very interesting portraits using all organic things like, fruits, vegetables, grain and plants.  We tried to do some artwork like him.  Take a look at his weird artwork!

Summer (2)  1573 - Giuseppe Arcimboldo -

Here's a look at some of the kids' art:

 By Evellyn, age 11


By William, age 10

By Caislyn, age 10

 By Jane, age 9

By Shae, age 7

Click here to view all of the art on the Flickr Gallery