Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NOVEMBER ART: Focus on color and texture

Tertiary Leaf Color Wheels
were a great way to teach the kids tertiary colors and how to mix the paints.
Texture painted Squirrels and Turkeys
were a fun way to teach the kids about texture in art.

More terrific wildife paintings by the older boys.
Wolf by Spencer, age 13
below: Lynx by Zachary, age 12
Elk by Cameron, age 12

As part of our color theory and artist lesson we studied about Holly Hebel and her brightly colored chalk pastel artwork. (See the famous artist link above to learn more about her) The kids had to use half of their artwork using warm colors and the other half using cool colors. This month featuring Trinity, age 9, Preston, age 10, Hannah, age 12, Averie, age 10. MORE TO COME LATER!!

Our culture lesson for November was about the Huichol Native Americans who live in Western Mexico. They use yarn and beeswax for elaborate "paintings." The kids exercised great patience as they made these! I will be posting more later as the rest of the kids finish up their artwork. Featuring art by Jace age 5, Hannah, age 12, Joseph, age 8 and Abigail age 7. MORE TO COME LATER!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

October's Art: Pumpkins, Day of the Dead, Witch's and more!

Chameleon Color Wheels and Tertiary Leaf Color Wheels
The 6-8 year old class made Chameleons while the older kids have worked on Tertiary Leaf Color wheels using oil pastels and watercolors. This has been a great way for them to learn how to mix their paints. I think that the color wheel is one of the most important art concepts to learn because it is used so much later on for painting.
Andrew Wyeth Pumpkin Paintings
Our Featured artist for the month was Andrew Wyeth. You can read about him and see his artwork on the "Featured Artists" tab above. Here is a small sampling of our project using oil pastels, watercolors and bronze acrylic paint to give it a little shine.
Day of the Dead Sculptures
It's always fun to teach the kids about "Dia de los Muertos" the Mexican Holiday, Day of the Dead. We think that it is similar to Halloween but in fact has nothing to do with it. It is celebrated on Nov 1 and 2 and is a holiday in remebrance of their passed loved ones. Celebrations take place at the cemetary where altars are built with the loved ones favorite things and foods from their life. They also have parades and decorate with all kinds of folk art. Our sculptures are similar to ones sold by Mexican artists. The kids had to learn how to build an "armiture" first to hold up their clay dog and then cover it using Crayola Model Magic.
Mom and Me Paper Fold Witch's
The Mom and Me class is under way with all kinds of fun art projects. The class emphasizes learning colors, shapes, cutting, glueing and an introduction to different art mediums. The projects have been fun for the moms and kids to put together.
Oil Painting
Red eyed tree frogs. Awesome job Sadie and Saige!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carl Rungius style landscapes and wildlife in acrylics

In September the classes worked really hard on learning how to draw landscapes and wildlife. The older kids (ages 10-12 and 7th graders) also learned landscape design. They had to design their own paintings and choose the animal to go in it. The 7th grade boys are still working on their paintings. I wanted to post all of them but for some reason some of them kept coming out sideways.

Black Bear by McKenna, age 8
Red Fox by Keegan, age 10
Cougar by Hannah age 12
The age 8-10 year old class worked on a step by step landscape similar to one of Carl Rungius's paintings and then chose an animal to put in the foreground
Fox by Kate age 9
Ages 5-8 and the Mom and Me class worked on Owls, using circle shapes for printing, and egg cartons. They turned out so cute!
Owl by Abby age 6